Finally – I made a 20 minutes long on the video and I had to compress it into the smallest that i could. Moreover, I’ve encountered multiple errors while publishing it into a video file with Sony Vegas – I have to re-render it more than three times because of errors that I couldn’t understand why, audio settings were too low, improper video resolution and the most horror thing – the waiting game when uploading the video in youtube.

Basically, what i talked about on this video is a complete briefing from what I’ve experienced. During the first week of this semester, I had no idea about what am I going to face – I was unsure about what topic or theme that I wanted to do. And then I recognized one of my friend from same class in previous semester and he invited me to join his group. They were pretty unsure about what topic that they would prefer and I suggested that why not we choose a movie community – it can be either about people who likes to watch movies, directors of the movies, actors or the movie itself. Coincidentally, there was an Australian Film Movie festival and I had a friend who actually a director of one of the movie. I told them that they can actually consider it and I can let them meet my this particular friend for the community project. However, my director friend and his assistant had different ideas and thought that we can actually make a website to promote the movie. So my team and I had to decline it and we were kinda lost. On the following week, one of us said that he was moving on to the new team – and I immediately knew that I really need to look out for a different team. This is because I was aware about how much work that needed to be done and we were kinda a week or two behind from everybody else.

So that was how I joined Karabie group – my new group focused on material arts and I thought it was rather interesting topic. I remembered that I was assigned as a web designer for this blog and also as an interviewer for later progress. Later on, we had a group discussions about what are we going to do, interview sessions, tasks and responsibilities and also about the interviews and documentaries. I do realized that I was kinda way behind from other people so I had to rush all the way in. We had our first photoshoot around the Batman Avenue in the city to record couples of people jogging, exercising, and even cycling to be part of the intro for the documentary video later. And then afterwards we had another filming on the training session at George Building. And then we had another one on the next day. The interviews went well and during our presentation we had a couple of feedback from the lecturers. So we made a couple of final progressions and improved things that need to be done – now we’re here

This is the final post for the end of this semester – time does pass without notice. It is really great doing this project and I’ve learn a lot from taekwondo and how does it feels like to be part of media communications. It is really a great pleasure to meet all the member of Karabie group and I hope I can meet everyone again in future